Our dental clinic has long been part of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges community. It’s with Dr. Pierre Olivier that it all started in 1968. In fact, Dr.Olivier first opened the office in the basement of his house on the 23rd avenue in St-Zotique. He started off with a single employee, Mrs. Liette Bourbonnais, who still continues to greet you with a friendly smile after 50 years of devoted service.

Supported by Dr. Édith Olivier Guay, Dr. Benoit Menard took over the office in 1980 and brought new improvements to an already well-established business. Mindful of the demographic growth in the area, Drs. Olivier Guay and Menard welcomed Dr. Jean Michel Daoust among them in 1991, it was the beginning of the name "Centre dentaire Ménard, Daoust".

At the dawn of 2000, the population’s needs greatly evolved, including their oral health needs. The people are more aware of the necessity to take care of their teeth and to keep them as long as possible. Likewise, the parents pass on these values to their little ones, by bringing them for early consultation… It’s for all these reasons and more, that a decision was taken to move out from the office inaugurated 30 years before to a more strategically located site. This new, more spacious and ultra-modern facility officially opened in february 1999 at the intersection of the Montée du Comté and Route 338 in Les Coteaux.

It was in the summer of 2005 that Dr. Philippe Chartrand joined the team.

Since 2008, you know us under the name of "Centre dentaire Ménard, Daoust et Chartrand". In fact, Dr. Philippe Chartrand took over for Dr. Édith Olivier Guay when she retired.

June 2016 marks another chapter in the history of our clinic with the arrival of Dr. Jade Pichon-Roy.

Autumn 2019 brings us more than a change of season, a wind of renewal is taking hold at the Ménard, Daoust, Chartrand dental center in Les Coteaux. We are changing our name, the clinic will now be known as: Centre Dentaire Les Coteaux.

We are blessed to be supported by an experienced team, who love what they do. Many members on staff with over 10, 25 and ever 49 years… of loyal customer service for the same dental practice, demonstrates an honest, healthy and motivating work environment. We are also very proud to say “that many of our patients” have been with the clinic since the beginning, more than 53 years ago and you can still reach us at the same number, 450 267-9008.

For the members of the Centre Dentaire Les Coteaux, the main objective is the well-being of our patients. Come consult us and see for yourself that here:

Not only do we take care of your teeth, but first and foremost we take care of you!


You are new in the neighborhood? No worries.

At Centre Dentaire Les Coteaux, we welcome new patients, young and older, with great pleasure and it will not take you a long time before it starts to feel like home. Consult our opening hours and also don't hesitate to call for more informations on our services or in case of a dental emergency.