Taking care of your teeth

Since the dawn of 2000, the population’s needs greatly evolved, including their oral health needs. People are more aware of the necessity to take care of their teeth and to keep them as long as possible.

That's why we offer you multiple dental services so they can be adapted to our patient's different needs and, therefore, help you keep a good oral health.


Not only do we take care of your teeth, but first and foremost we take care of you!

List of our offered services

With more than 50 years of experience, the oral and dental health clinic Les Coteaux propose warm and professional services executed by a multi-generation team of dentists who comes from around here, for the most part. Established in Les Coteaux, expert and passionate man and woman provides care for each patient coming from all around Vaudreuil-Soulanges, East Ontario, Châteauguay, Melocheville, Beauharnois and even more.

Family dentistry

Here, young and older, will receive modern and efficent dental treatments in a clinic devoted to families, that is welcoming to kids as well as reinsuring to the most anxious patients.

Esthetic dentistry

Adapted care for your situation so your smile can look as good as you wish it to. Composite restoration, inlay, veneer, crown, bridge, teeth whitening.

Restorative dentistry

Restoration on implants service also available.


Service offered to the ones who need a root canal.


You have difficult teeth? We sure can help you with our orthodontic services; Invisalign™ type devices, dental pins, we got what you need.

Minor surgery

Oral and dental health clinic for the whole family

Have been brushing my teeth and now I'm ready for my first visit to the dentist!

For your kid first visit to the Centre Dentaire Les Coteaux, the Dentist and Dental Hygienist will ensure to create a real bond based on trust so your child can feel reassured and safe because, here, we take care of your teeth, but first and foremost we take care of you.


You are new in the neighborhood? No worries.

At Centre Dentaire Les Coteaux, we welcome new patients, young and older, with great pleasure and it will not take you a long time before it starts to feel like home. Consult our opening hours and also don't hesitate to call for more informations on our services or in case of a dental emergency.